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Easter Extravaganza
Sunday 21 April 2019
1 pm until 4 pm 
  Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids.   Toddlers to 7 years old starts at 1 p.m..  
 8 to 12 year old Girls start at 1:30 pm
 8-12 year old Boys start at 2 pm
Come walk thru the zoo, see all the cool animals and win some neat prizes at the Easter Eqq Hunt. 
Pony Rides will be available for $5.00 per rider.  Trail rides will also be available for $30.00 per hour per person.
 Picnic Areas are available.

Skunkie Acres, Inc. is a Registered 501c3  Not For Profit Organization dedicated to the Rescue, Adoption, and Preventable Cruelty of Exotic, Livestock, and all other animals. 



  Welcome to Skunkie Acres     




Skunkie Acres will be open the
Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving


                               Skunkie Acres is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization located in Citra, Florida just north of Ocala. 

  Enjoy a picnic in our picnic area while watching the deer frolick in their pen,  or watch the petting farm animals play.   Sit in the rabbit den and play with the bunnies.     Take a walk thru our zoo and enjoy the animals.     Enjoy a scenic guided  trail ride under century old oak trees and  Florida palms.    We have  1 hour, and 2 hour trail rides.   We see Florida Wildlife routinely on our beautiful trails.  This is a fun spot for all ages from 1 to 101 years.  Spend an hour or spend the day.  And while you are visiting please visit our Animal Rescue and possibly adopt a pet.


Horseback Riding by appointment only.

For more information please call: 

(386) 397-1464 or (386) 397-1465 



             16690 NE 30th Court


Citra, Florida  32113

     (386) 397-1464 or  (386) 397-1465






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