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Welcome to Skunkie Acres 

Skunkie Acres, Inc. is a Registered 501c3  Not For Profit Organization dedicated to the Rescue, Adoption, and Preventable Cruelty of Exotic, Livestock, and all other animals. 




Plan a Trip today to visit us here at Skunkie Acres in scenic White Springs, Florida.     Enjoy a picnic in our picnic area.   Enjoy a scenic Guided  Trail Ride in  the Suwannee Valley Area.  We have  1 hour, 2 hour, and a 3 hour trail rides.  Our 3 hour trail ride goes down along the banks of the  Historic Suwannee River, where you can actually dismount and walk on the banks.     We see Florida Wildlife routinely on our beautiful trails.  And while you are visiting please visit our Animal Rescue and possibly adopt a pet.
Supporters of Skunkie Acres
We Need Your Help


A Special Columbia County Commissioner Meeting is being held on:

Date:  Sept 11, 2014

Time:    7 p.m.

Where:   Columbia County School Board Offices, Hwy 90, Lake City, Florida

Skunkie Acres Inc., is a 501c3 Animal Rescue for Exotic, Raptors, Livestock and WIldlife.  100% of your Donations and the Horseback Riding supports our animal rescue that serves all of Columbia, Hamilton, and Suwannee Counties and also other areas of Florida and southern Georgia.   

This is a Public Meeting for a Special Exemption for 21 acres on Lake Jeffery Road in Lake City that Skunkie Acres has recently acquired.

We cannot continue our animal rescue without adding a special exemption for the Animal Rescue and Horseback Riding.  Your generous Donations and the Horseback Riding supports our Animal Rescue.

The Columbia County Commissioners have long stated that we needed to relocate to a larger parcel to continue, which we are in the process of doing.  However, we need your support to help us get the special exemption for this 21 acre parcel from the Columbia County Commissioners.

Please attend this meeting and help show your support for Skunkie Acres.  If you cannot attend then please show your support by calling and emailing your support to the Columbia County Commissioners and the County Manager, Mr. Dale Williams.

Skunkie Acres holds the following permits and licenses:

Florida Wildlife Class I, II, and III,  Florida Rehabilation, Federal Raptor Program, Florida Wildlife Removal and Relocation, 

USDA for Captive Wildlife, Exotics, and Equine

Florida Cervidere Herd Program,  IRS Not for Profit 501c3, Florida Not for Profit 501c3, Florida Division of Corporations


Our current Manager, 82 year old Bernard Haake of Skunkie Acres is retiring due to severe ill health but his wife Barbara, daughters Megan, Samantha, and Tabitha and son Hans is continuing his work with the animals.  

Please do not hesitate to call if you require more information.



























             PO Box 769

 608 NW Sophie Drive

White Springs, Florida 32096

     (386) 397-1464, (386) 397-1465, Cell (386) 697-3683






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