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Skunkie Acres Zoo and Riding Stables now open

Skunkie Acres Animal Park and Riding Stables are now open.

 Come and enjoy a walk thru our Animal Park, take a trail with our horses or just sit in the picnic area and watch the animals play.

We are still adding more habitats as funding and/or material becomes available.   

We welcome School groups and other organizations such as scouts, to our Animal Park.    

 VA  Visit from Gainesville Florida
Thanks so much Barbara for having us out today.  Everyone had a great time
and we appreciate what you do for these animals.  
They're very luck to have you and your
Family keeping them fed and loved.

Daisy Scout Visit 
May 20, 2017

  Our animals need your help and kindness. We are a No Kill rescue Donations have been down due to people losing their incomes, homes and basically they have worries of their own and do not have the funds to donate. We are seeking your help. We have many types of animals that we care for, dogs, cats, horses, goats, exotics, and livestock. We have approx 180 animals not including the poultry and the birds. We need whole corn, cracked corn, parrot feed, all stock feed that sheep can also eat, cat food, dog food and rabbit feed. 100% of all monies taken in go to care for the animals in our care and be used to purchase feed. Our supplies are low and the funding for the feed is needed now for the animals. Please help if you can, these animals need your help also. We have dedicated our lives to helping animals and we love all of our animals no matter what their health or attitude is. We just want to take care of them and see that they get what they need, many animals come to us neglected, injured, or just because of age. Older or unadoptable animals will live out their lives with us, we will not put them thru the stress of being moved from home to home. They will remain here, have a permanent home and be loved. We are very grateful for any assistance that you can give to our animals. We can also supply you with a tax receipt if needed. In closing, thank you in advance for caring enough to read our request and God Bless. Share Tweet
September 10, 2018
Age 19 years
We lost a very dear friend and family member today.  Buddy was with our family for 15 years.   He was a 4 year old  Corgi Mix rescue when we took him in.
Buddy was one of the first in a long series of rescues. 
Buddy has seen our children grow, has watched over them, played with them, and has seen our grandchildren born. 
He was a friend to everyone, and to children everywhere, he loved all.   
He has raised many dogs, taught them the ropes, he raised Amara, a columbian wolf and many other animals.
He watched over many babies and baby animals and kept them safe.
He has traveled with us from Florida to Michigan and everywhere inbetween. 
Buddy is now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, playing with his friends who have gone ahead of him until we join him. 
Please remember Buddy in your prayers, he will be sorely missed and loved.  

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