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Billy in his favorite basket 

Baby Skunks 


We are NOT taking deposits at this time.

 Babies are born in the spring of the year.  Our next litters will not be available until 2020. 

Babies are de-scented but not spayed or nuetered which should at approx 1 year of age.
Baby Skunk Adoptions are  $350.00 and up. They come de scented with a care kit and a care booklet.  This does not include shipping charges. 

You will need a pet permit or a breeders permit which is available at MyFWC.com for the state of Florida.   You will need to see if Skunks are legal in your state if you are not in Florida.


We are extremely fussy on adoptions for skunks. 


Meet Saucy

Saucy is one of our Mommy skunks.  If you notice something strange about her babies, you are right.  She is not only taking care of her own babies but also nursing 2 newborn baby rabbits.  She took care of these babies until they were old enought to be slowily released back into the wild. 

Lunch Break 

Don't wake me.  I'm busy dreaming about work. 

Hurry up before Dad catches us! 

Can you tell how many skunks? 

I'm ready for the picnic...Who's got the food? 

Now I lay me down to sleep.... 
Skunk Babies  will not be available until 2020, babies come with a care booklet, a care bag with new baby essentials and care items. Babies start at $350.00..   We are  not taking deposits at this time. Call  386/397-1464 for more information.  Florida Wildlife and USDA Licensed.  Must have FWC pet or breeders permit to pick up baby. There are no refunds for baby skunks unless approved in writing in advance of your deposit. 
Click on link below to leave a deposit for your baby skunk.  There are no refunds for live animals unless approved in advance in writing.

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